20 Common Faults in Short Stories & Novels Submitted

Thinking about writing? Well when you do make sure you avoid the following faults:

1. Theme is too ordinary.
2. The wrong central character is used!
3. A slow & boring beginning.
4. Too many characters.
5. Shallow/boring character.
6. Change of view point.
7. Time span is far too long.
8. Contrived Situation.
9. Too much trivia.
10. Too much poetic imagery.
11. Lack of clarity.
12. Lack of shape.
13. Lack of Conflict — BORING!
14. Not enough dialogue.
15. Stilted Dialogue.
16. Irrelevant Episode.
17. Slip-shod writing.
18. Too much generalisation.
19. Flat ending.
20. Cheat ending – ie. It was a dream.

2 thoughts on “20 Common Faults in Short Stories & Novels Submitted

  1. This is an excellent list! The majority of manuscripts have at least one and often close to all of these issues!

    I think 8 (contrived situation) and 13 (lack of conflict) are the ones I see the most often.


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