You should all know what a cliché is — it’s an overused expression or idea.

So avoid using clichés when you’re writing a story, unless you use it for a reason that wont deter someone’s interest or destroy the originality of your work.

Remember: Stories are about creativity and imagination!

Examples of Some NOT all Clichés:

At the end of the day
All’s well that ends well
All talk, no action
All’s fair in love and war
Alive and well
Another day, another dollar
Back to square one
Better the Devil you know
Big fish in a small pond
Blast from the past
Blood is thicker than water
Born with a silver spoon in your mouth
By the book
Call it a day
Cat out of the bag
Do or die
Down to earth
Easy as pie
Exploring every avenue
Green with envy
Guts and determination
Head over heels
In his wisdom/In her wisdom
In the nick of time
It’s only a matter of time
It got under my skin
Last but not least
Leave no stone unturned
Only time will tell
Opposites attract
Make or break
Shock the nation
Slept like a log
Spitting image
Stand the test of time
Survival of the Fittest
Tears of joy
Time ticked away
There is no place like home
The psychological moment
The swing of the pendulum
They couldn’t see eye to eye
This point in time
Young and restless

And there many more clichés lurking about…

3 thoughts on “Clichés

  1. It’s not cliche’s I have a problem with, it’s trying to avoid using the word, “suddenly”. I often find it suddenly popping up everywhere in my stories!


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