3 Points to Improve the Chance of Getting a Manuscript Published.

Are you about to start writing or well into writing your manuscript? Consider the following points if you haven’t already:

1. Researching the genre.
(This includes reading published author’s manuscripts in the particular genre you want to write as well as others.) It is good know what writers have written (especially recently) and it gives you a better understanding of current writing styles before you start. Take note of publishers and the genre they publish — this will help you determine where to send your manuscript when it is finished.

2. Understanding and knowing the target audience.
There is no point in writing about something for a specific audience that has no interest in the subject or genre. If you are unsure whether it is suitable for your chosen audience ask or survey family, friends or the public on the sorts of subjects and genres they like to read.

3. Don’t rush your manuscript.
Not everyone can write a best-selling manuscript in a day, week or month… it can take years of hard work. There maybe lots of research, revisions or editing that needs to be done to improve it. So rushing it, in hopes to get it published sooner, may leave the manuscript at the bottom of a slush pile because it hasn’t met the expectation.


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